We make Hi-tech slideshows for Presentations, Anniversaries, Graduations, Funerals, Weddings and all occasions.

A picture is worth a thousand words and so rather than read this whole page, you can view a video that will show you what we do. Keep in mind that the video is a fast paced presentation and contains music that you normally would not have at a wedding! The video is of low resolution for downloading, but our shows are given to you in high definition. Also the video only contains a very small sample of the effects that we do. You can view our "what we do" video here.

If you have the time to view some of our actual shows you can see them on our samples page here.

Although all of the samples featured run as a video, we can make each slide advance one at a time. So if you want to do a business presentation you can still have the effects/transitions, but you will be in control of when the next slide advances.

The first step is when you send us your digital photos (if you don't have digital photos we can scan your old photos for a fee). In the next step we make corrections to your digital photographs. We will make minor corrections for free. However if you want to have your photos retouched, we can do that for a nominal fee. (we cannot be held responsible for lost photos).You can visit our before and after page here. We can fix red eye, color corrections, restorations, etc.

We then put the photos in order so that they tell a story. This is one of the steps that sets us apart from other companies. The telling of the story is what makes the show interesting.


After that the third step is to add the effects.

Unlike most slide shows, our shows have special effects. This isn't power point! Our shows aren't static. The slides will pan and zoom, rotate, change in brightness or color and move on screen. There can be more than one photo on the screen at once. We offer things that you normally would not see in a traditional slide show, such as morphing effects, motion backgrounds, particle effects, and video overlays. We have text effects, 3D motion effects and as for transitions go we offer more than just a few fades. We have hundreds of transitions, some in 3D. You can visit our samples page and see the various types of effects. (We are constantly adding new ones too!)

Lastly we add royalty free music and maybe a sound effect or two and sync it to your show. We then will put the show on a DVD that you can show. (We also have other formats available)

In addition we offer other services such as a digital scrap book. We take your pictures and put them in a virtual scrap book that you can turn the pages and see all of your photos with. We also can design an actual print book.

Do you need professional Photos? We do that as well. Contact us for pricing.

We can also do same day slideshows, for example you want to show your wedding photos at your wedding reception. These show obviously are limited due to time constraints, but they look impressive on the same day.